Debugging Tips And Trick that make Debugging life lot Easy.

Debugging application is core skill required by developer. By using visual studio it make lot easier to debug an application.

But most of developer still not know debug tool provide by visual studio. In this article we discussed about some of the productive tool provide by Visual studio.


Every developer are using this tool but few people are known about this useful feature. Conditional break point have setting on that we can add conditional break point. It really help when it’s come to debugging loop to break a point when condition is true.

Shortcut: F9 and remove all Breakpoint by CTRL + SHIFT + F9

Exception setting:

You can select a specific which type of error should break and it also help to get more detail about error insights.

Shortcut: CTRL + ALT + E

Immediate window:

You can directly execute function, LINQ, manipulate variable and Object.

Shortcut: CTRL + ALT + I

Perf tips :

It is very simple but it is very useful tool when it’s come perform of application with the help of this tool we can see milliseconds elapsed time to execute that  line of code ,method etc.

Execute next statement:

Most of case were you want go back to previous line of code or jump back to last line for execution by using CTRL + SHIFT +F10 shortcut key or hold Ctrl key hover mouse over to select next execution line of code.

Shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT +F10

Diagnostic Tool:

It help use to analysis error, memory consumption, garbage collection and debugging application.

Shortcut: CTRL + ALT + F2

Auto window:

Auto window help us to get relevant data about variable , method returns and many more automatically.
It really help when one line of code have multiple method we want to check it’s return.

Shortcut: CTRL + ALT + V,A

Data Visualizer:

There are different type of visualizer which help visualize data in proper format like JSON, HTML, TEXT and XML in debugging mode.

PIN data tips : 

Pin data it really helpful when you don’t want to get  drill Down data tip in debugging mode. foreg : Debugging the inner exception.

I hope this all tips and trick help to save time and efforts in Debugging Application.




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